Sunday, September 8, 2019

Retro Mercedes Factory Window Sticker, Booklets and More...

It's not often that one gets to purchase a car with most all of the original paper work, manuals, etc. I was grateful to have had the opportunity to acquire my 1981 Mercedes 240D from the original owners of 34 years who not only kept the car in near perfect condition, but included most all the original near perfect documentation from the factory.

Liking automotive history and the stories that go along with cars got me thinking that as younger generations begin to collect cars, many might not have access to some of the original factory pieces. In as much, many old enough to have known these cars from the beginning may have all but forgotten just how it was.

The following I compiled as both a historical perspective, and for some a journey down memory lane. You will see the original books (and page examples in the books) manuals,  inserts and factory invoice (window sticker), and the touch-up paint that came with my 1981 240D. From what I have been told, the only piece that is missing is the service log booklet.

Manufacturer invoice "window sticker"

This would also have been on the window adjacent to the above window sticker

Original envelope mailed June 16, 1981 to owners after purchase from Mercedes-Benz U.S.A. in New Jersey. The following 8 documents were in this envelope.  

Document 1 from envelope

Document 1 example of inside pages

Document 2 from envelope

Document 2 example of inside pages

Document 3 from envelope

Document 4 from envelope

Backside of document 4 above

Document 5 from envelope

Document 5 example of inside pages

Document 6 from envelope

Document 7 from envelope
Document 8 from envelope
Owner's Manual and other glovebox documents that came with car at time of purchase
1981 240D, 300D, 300CD Mercedes-Benz owner's manual

1981 240D, 300D, 300CD Mercedes-Benz owner's manual inside pages
1981 Mercedes U.S.A. diesel fuel guide dealer location booklet
1981 Mercedes U.S.A. diesel fuel guide booklet inside pages

1981 Mercedes North America FM Stereo Radio usage booklet
1981 Mercedes North America FM Stereo Radio usage booklet inside pages
This 1981 Mercedes Consumer Information booklet is applicable to the 240D as well and was required by U.S.A. Federal law on stopping abilities etc. It appears Mercedes was able to use this with all W123 models as the information was applicable throughout the model range
This 1981 Mercedes Consumer Information booklet inside pages
Hang tag on cruise control stalk still complete with original string

Tire information card. This was found under the original spare tire from 1981

This sticker is located on the inside of trunk lid

Touch-up paint

This is a photo of the Norman Scott, Inc. Houston, TX dealership where my W123 was purchased. Image appears to be from the 70's. From this photo the dealer did not sell Mercedes-Benz at the time, and evidently did not sell Mercedes for very long. Research shows that Norman Scott, Inc. primarily sold Porsche and Audi for most of its existence along with several other dealerships that sold other marques. 

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